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Office Buzz

An alarm clock for workaholics

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Office buzz is an Android application, that reminds you to make little breaks in work regulary.

We all know, that sitting job can be harmful to your health if you sit all day without moving. Some people can be so found of their work, that they can forget to lunch or go home at proper time.

Office buzz knows, when you usually start and finish work, and when you have lunch. During the work day it regulary reminds you to perform a random action, one of your habits, that you define in settings, to encourage you stand up and move. Optionaly it can remind you about lunch time and the time to go home.

Although you define in settings your regular work day settins, you can easily say, that today you start working earlier or later (and office buzz will ask you when you are going to finigh work then), that you go to lunch at another time, or even say that you work on weekend or you have a sudden day out of work.
Current version: v1.2

quote start It really motivates to move your ass regularly or do some right staff like exercise for eyes or a call to your parents. And it's simple, truly simple - there are plenty of settings, that you even don't need to change, and in daily use you need just two those buttons on the screen: do now and delay. quote end
Peter Holloway